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India's Pledge to Reduce the Digital Health Gap: Niti Aayog's VK Paul Addresses the G20

Written by : Arun Ramalingam

June 9, 2023

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The Digital Health Divide Challenge

India's vast territory encompasses varied terrains, from densely populated urban areas to remote rural regions. This geographical diversity poses significant challenges in ensuring equitable access to healthcare services across the country. Coupled with this are many language and cultural barriers that make healthcare a difficult component to spread equally across the nation. Remote and isolated areas often lack proper healthcare infrastructure, making it difficult for residents to avail of timely medical assistance. Additionally, the availability and reliability of internet connectivity in these regions become crucial factors in narrowing the digital health divide.

Stepping up to the challenge

Niti Aayog, the policy think tank of the Government of India, has been at the forefront of India's efforts to bridge the digital health divide that affects various parts of the nation. VK Paul, a member of Niti Aayog, emphasized India's commitment to leveraging technology for inclusive healthcare. With the Ayushman Bharat Digital mission (ABDM) revolutionizing the health space, individuals like VK Paul are looking forward to using this technology to remove healthcare boundaries for all. Using initiatives like the Scan & Share program, the Indian government is tackling health democracy like no other country.

Taking digital infrastructures to the next level

India recognizes the importance of robust digital infrastructure and connectivity in achieving healthcare equity. VK Paul highlighted the efforts made in expanding digital infrastructure across the country, including the BharatNet project, which aims to connect all villages with high-speed internet. By improving internet penetration and access to digital technologies, India aims to ensure that even the remotest regions have the means to benefit from digital healthcare solutions.

Two sides to the same coin

While health democratization is the name of the game and the ultimate goal, it can't be achieved without improving the current state of digital literacy. VK Paul emphasized the need for comprehensive digital literacy programs to empower individuals in utilizing digital health tools effectively. The Government of India has been actively promoting digital literacy initiatives such as the Digital India program, which focuses on training individuals in various digital skills. Programs like this are done in order to prepare the population with further technological integration aimed at helping healthcare initiatives reach all.

Partnership for the future

VK Paul emphasized the importance of international collaboration in tackling the digital health divide. India is actively engaging with global partners to share best practices and leverage technological advancements for inclusive healthcare. The government also encourages public-private partnerships to foster innovation in digital health solutions. Going forward, India remains committed to minimizing the digital health divide by ensuring affordable access to digital healthcare services, strengthening digital infrastructure, and promoting digital literacy among its population.


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