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MyDigiRecords Launches an All-Encompassing App to Streamline Health Data Management

Written by : Jayati Dubey

August 23, 2023

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Designed with standardisation and interoperability, the platform strives to offer a user-friendly remedy to the hurdles linked with record-keeping, effectively tackling the constraints posed by paper-based files and fragment electronic systems.

MyDigiRecords (MDR), a digital EMR management tool provider, has unveiled MyDigiRecords App- a healthcare solution designed for easy access to patient medical history, test results, and immunisation records, all within a manageable framework.

The standardised and interoperable platform aims to provide a convenient solution to the challenges associated with maintaining records, addressing the limitations of paper-based documents and fragmented electronic systems.

The newly introduced MyDigiRecords app is equipped with features designed to enhance the management of one's health data. Users will now have the capability to securely store and manage their medical records, including medical history, immunisation details, prescriptions, and more, all within a single, secure location. Moreover, the platform boasts certified integration with the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM).

An innovative feature of the app is its ability to automatically synchronise immunisation records with healthcare providers through the vaccine portal. This functionality ensures accuracy and real-time updates, enabling tracking of immunisation data and notifications based on recommended immunisation guidelines.

Additionally, the app offers comprehensive information on all medications, allowing users to set reminders and receive alerts regarding potential drug interactions.

With advanced data analytics and insights, the app empowers users to analyse health trends over time, fostering a deeper understanding of their health and enabling informed healthcare decisions.

The platform prioritises data security, implementing robust measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of healthcare records in compliance with stringent privacy regulations.

Speaking at the launch event, Dr Saroj Gupta, founder & CEO of MyDigiRecords, stated, "With the introduction of our new application, we are thrilled to present a groundbreaking solution that has the potential to revolutionize healthcare management. Our platform empowers individuals to take charge of their health journey through centralized record-keeping, immunization tracking, and medication management. This is not just the launch of an app; it marks the inauguration of a new era in healthcare digitization in India. MyDigiRecords remains dedicated to facilitating proactive healthcare decisions and ultimately enhancing the quality of life for all."

Chris Humphreys, CMO of MyDigiRecords, added, "We eagerly anticipate aligning with various government initiatives and potentially collaborating with health authorities to integrate MDR into national healthcare strategies. Furthermore, leveraging our experience in the Indian market, we have plans to expand our footprint into other markets, adapting the platform to meet the unique regulatory environments and healthcare systems. Our commitment to continuous improvement is exemplified through investments in research and development, as we continuously introduce new features to address emerging healthcare challenges and opportunities."

Established in February 2022 by Dr Saroj Gupta, MyDigiRecords specialises in offering digital tools for managing electronic medical records (EMR) to healthcare providers.

The company provides an innovative application designed to efficiently organise and oversee critical health data, encompassing details such as immunisations and medications.

The platform further facilitates notifications and prompts aligned with guidelines, empowering individuals to enhance their health-related choices.

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