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Medanta & GE Healthcare Join Forces to Introduce Tele-ICU Services in India

Written by : Jayati Dubey

August 4, 2023

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With Tele-ICU, Medanta aims to improve patient outcomes, reduce mortality rates, enhance the country's overall quality of critical care services, and address the shortage of critical care specialists, especially in remote areas. 

Medanta, one of India's leading multi-specialty hospitals, has collaborated with GE Healthcare to launch Tele-ICU services nationwide. Tele-ICU is an innovative technology that allows critical care specialists to monitor and manage ICU patients remotely, using audio-visual communication tools and real-time data analytics.

This new initiative aims to address the shortage of critical care specialists in India, especially in remote and underserved areas. With Tele-ICU, Medanta aims to improve patient outcomes, reduce mortality rates, and enhance the country's overall quality of critical care services.

GE Healthcare is a global leader in healthcare technology, with a wide range of innovative solutions for the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. Their expertise in this field, combined with Medanta's clinical excellence and experience, is expected to create a robust and reliable Tele-ICU platform in India.

The Tele-ICU system will be powered by GE Healthcare's Mural platform, which provides real-time data analytics, predictive analytics, and clinical decision support tools to critical care specialists. It will also feature audio-visual communication tools, such as high-definition cameras and microphones, to facilitate remote consultations and patient monitoring.

This collaboration between Medanta and GE Healthcare is a significant step towards improving critical care services in India, and it is expected to benefit thousands of patients across the country.

Apart from Tele-ICU, Medanta has also launched several other healthcare technology initiatives in recent years. For example, it has introduced a mobile app '˜Medanta eClinic', for patients to access medical records, book appointments, and consult with doctors remotely.

Medanta also has deployed robots in the hospital to assist with patient care and infection control. In addition, they have collaborated with IBM to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and prevent cardiac diseases.

With this Tele-ICU, Medanta has taken a substantial step towards addressing the critical care shortage in India, and it is hoped that this initiative will inspire other healthcare providers to adopt similar technologies to enhance their services.


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