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Lupin's Digital Asthma Educator Platform 'JAI' Crosses 10,000 Onboarded Patients Since Launch

Written by : Jayati Dubey

September 29, 2023

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The initiative is dedicated to improving treatment outcomes and overall well-being by providing a wide array of services, including personalised guidance on inhalation techniques, pulmonary physiotherapy, dietary counselling, yoga sessions, and support for medication adherence.

Indian pharmaceutical company, Lupin's digital asthma educator platform, the Joint Airways Initiative (JAI), has on boarded over 10,000 patients since its launch in June of 2021.

According to the company, JAI is designed to empower patients with the knowledge and skills needed to manage their asthma effectively.'¯

This initiative includes personalised guidance on inhalation techniques, pulmonary physiotherapy, dietary counselling, yoga, and medication adherence. The primary goal of JAI is to improve treatment outcomes and enhance overall well-being for individuals dealing with asthma.

According to the Global Asthma Report for 2022, an estimated 35 million Indians are affected by asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), with less than 30% of them being aware of their condition.

Furthermore, a staggering 90% of those diagnosed with these respiratory conditions tend to use inhalers incorrectly, which can significantly impact their treatment progress and overall health.'¯

JAI claims to offer a solution to bridge this gap by providing personalised, one-on-one training sessions to over 10,000 patients who have joined the platform. These sessions are conducted by qualified asthma educators who focus on teaching correct inhalation techniques.

Rajeev Sibal, president of India Regions Formulations, Lupin, said, "Given the alarming surge in asthma and COPD cases in India, largely linked to air pollution, there was an urgent need to educate patients on correct inhalation techniques to improve treatment outcomes."

Hirak Bose, vertical head of sales and marketing for Respiratory at Lupin, emphasised that in the post-COVID era, patients are increasingly turning to digital interventions to meet their healthcare needs. JAI represents Lupin's commitment to addressing this healthcare challenge through innovative digital solutions.

In a similar vein, Lupin introduced a few other patient engagement programs this year in the digital health space.

One such program is 'Jeet,' a patient support program promoting heart health. Jeet emerges as a dependable ally in cardiovascular care, offering services encompassing cost-effective medical solutions, disease counselling, medication reminders, and lifestyle guidance.'¯

Lupin's other initiative is'¯LYFE, a digital therapeutic solution for holistic heart care. LYFE caters to individuals seeking comprehensive heart care. The platform delivers personalised treatment plans by leveraging advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence.


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