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In-Med AI Launches Oncoshield for Diagnosing Liver & Pancreatic Cancers

Written by : Jayati Dubey

March 27, 2024

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The software enhances diagnostic capabilities by automatically calculating lesion volumes and identifying their locations, especially for surgical preparation.

In-Med AI, a developer of AI & ML tools for healthcare, has unveiled Oncoshield. This software aims to revolutionize clinical decision support in diagnosing and treating liver and pancreatic cancers, leveraging advanced AI algorithms and multimodal analytics.

Oncoshield is designed to automatically detect and quantify lesions in the liver and pancreas from CT scans, providing crucial insights with over 90% accuracy in a matter of minutes.

The software claims to significantly enhance diagnostic capabilities by automatically calculating lesion volumes and identifying their locations, particularly in preparation for surgery.

Early detection of liver lesions is crucial for prompt medical intervention and improved patient outcomes, making Oncoshield a promising asset in the fight against cancer.

Sharing thoughts, Dr Latha Poonamallee, founder & CEO of In-Med AI, said, "At In-Med AI, our mission is to capture the untapped potential of AI in healthcare by leveraging multimodal data across the globe. Our solutions are tailored to each individual with a commitment to inclusion and innovation."

Quantitative Analysis for Treatment Planning

The software offers quantitative assessment, volume calculation, and density analysis, aiding in treatment planning and monitoring. Oncoshield claims to provide a quantitative foundation for reliable and accurate diagnosis by distinguishing between benign and malignant liver lesions.

This information is helpful for surgeons and interventional radiologists, helping them understand the location, size, and characteristics of lesions and making informed decisions about the best course of action for each patient.

Additionally, Oncoshield promises to reduce the workload of radiologists through automated analysis and empowers healthcare professionals such as oncologists and hepatologists to assess treatment effectiveness using quantitative measures over time.

By facilitating longitudinal assessment, the software allows clinicians to make necessary adjustments to treatment plans, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Contribution to Medical Research & Clinical Trials

Moreover, Oncoshield can be utilized in medical research and clinical trials to analyze large datasets of CT liver scans. This contributes to a better understanding of liver diseases, treatment outcomes, and the development of new therapies.

Per the startup, Oncoshield is pivotal in advancing medical research and innovation by reducing drug development time and accelerating the market for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.

The software integrates into clinical and radiology workflows, prioritizing critical cases that require immediate attention. Reports generated by Oncoshield are sent via the radiology information system, email, and phone to relevant decision-makers.

Currently deployed at the Madras Medical College, In-Med AI is offering a 30-day free trial to prospective customers and a 90-day free trial to current customers using Neuroshield, another innovative product from the company.

Rahim Pathan, head, development center, In-Med, said, "At In-Med, innovation is our compass, guiding us toward a future where healthcare is smarter, more accessible, and more compassionate. Our dedication extends beyond mere software development; we are dedicated to pioneering transformative solutions that revolutionize healthcare, one breakthrough after another."

This latest product launch follows In-Med's previous innovations, including Neuroshield MRI Volumetry targeting neurodegenerative conditions and Neuroshield CT TBI products operational in over 280 sites globally.

With Oncoshield, In-Med seeks to expand the applications of its multimodal and multi-organ capabilities, furthering its impact on the healthcare landscape.

In a similar development towards cancer care, Alphabet Inc.'s Google recently announced a series of initiatives aimed at deploying its AI models in the healthcare industry. These initiatives include leveraging AI to provide insights from Fitbit wearable devices and partnering to improve cancer and disease screenings in India.

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