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Health Minister Mandaviya Lauds India's Robust Transformative Digital Healthcare Initiatives Signifying Efficiency & Accuracy 

Written by : Jayati Dubey

September 11, 2023

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Mandaviya noted the pivotal role of digital technology in the healthcare sector, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. He pointed out that digital tools had been crucial, enabling a remarkable daily volume of 10 to 15 lakh teleconsultations. 

In his recent address, Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya underscored the pivotal role of digital technology in revolutionising the healthcare sector, emphasising that its implementation has fundamentally altered the landscape of healthcare delivery. 

Mandaviya noted that digital technology has played a vital role in the health sector, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlighted how digital tools have proven instrumental, with daily teleconsultations numbering between 10 to 15 lakhs.'¯ 

People, confined to their homes during the pandemic, turned to platforms such as eSanjeevani for teleconsultations with specialist doctors, effectively overcoming the limitations imposed by lockdowns. 

"The implementation of digital technology has forever changed the dynamics of healthcare delivery," Mandaviya said. Indeed, this transformation extended beyond teleconsultations; it encompassed the broader spectrum of healthcare services. 

Before the pandemic, individuals would use paper certificates documenting their health records. However, in the COVID-19 era, the CoWIN app emerged as a game-changer.'¯ 

People could access their vaccination certificates digitally, allowing them to check their vaccination status on their smartphones conveniently. 

Highlighting the National Digital Health Mission, Mandaviya detailed the government's commitment to opening the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA).'¯ 

Through this digital initiative, individuals can create an ABHA account to store their health records securely. This account will serve as a repository of their health history, streamlining healthcare access and facilitating informed decision-making. 

India's strides in digital health have garnered international recognition, with its digital health initiatives receiving acclaim during the G20 meeting. The digitisation of health records will empower ABHA holders to access paperless healthcare services seamlessly across the ABDM network. 

The pandemic has underscored the profound impact of digital technologies on healthcare, reinforcing their potential to fortify health systems, prevent diseases, and enhance service delivery on a global, national, and sub-national scale. 

As the health sector continues to evolve, the integration of digital technology promises to play an increasingly significant role in ensuring accessible and efficient healthcare delivery.'¯ 

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya's remarks serve as a testament to India's commitment to harnessing the power of digital innovation to transform healthcare and improve the well-being of its citizens. 

International Interest in India's Healthcare Digitisation Initiatives 

India's healthcare digitisation efforts have captured the attention of the international community. In a recent development, a delegation from the Netherlands visited the National Health Authority (NHA) office to delve deep into India's healthcare initiatives and gain valuable insights into their implementation. 

The discussions during the visit centred on unravelling the operational intricacies of India's prominent healthcare programs, specifically the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB PM-JAY) and the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM).'¯ 

This cross-border exchange of knowledge and ideas underscores the recognition of India's healthcare digitalisation efforts as a model for other nations to learn from and potentially emulate. It also signifies the growing importance of leveraging technology to enhance healthcare delivery, a shared goal among countries worldwide. 

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