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Dr Reddy's Aurigene Launches Drug Discovery Platform Aurigene.AI

Written by : Jayati Dubey

April 4, 2024

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Aurigene.AI integrates AI and ML solutions with chemical design, synthesis, and bioassay assessment expertise to expedite novel therapeutics development.

Aurigene, a subsidiary of Dr Reddy's Laboratories, has unveiled Aurigene.AI, an innovative platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) aimed at expediting drug discovery projects.

The platform seeks to revolutionize the drug discovery process from hit identification to candidate nomination.

Per the company, Aurigene.AI integrates cutting-edge technologies, including physics-based simulation, generative and predictive AI models, and Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD).

This amalgamation of capabilities allows users to leverage various algorithms tailored to specific applications within a unified platform.

The platform boasts a comprehensive database comprising 180 million compounds and 1.6 million validated bioassay data points. Continuously expanding, this database aims to serve as crucial training data for the AI-powered functionalities of Aurigene.AI.

To ensure robust performance and data security, Aurigene.AI is hosted on Google Cloud, providing a scalable infrastructure capable of handling large datasets and facilitating efficient computation while safeguarding client data confidentiality.

Sharing thoughts, Akhil Ravi, CEO, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services., said, "We are committed to continually advancing our service experience and providing innovative end-to-end solutions to our global partners. Aurigene.AI is an important addition to our small molecule discovery offering and represents a data-driven approach to novel therapeutic development."

Accelerating Therapeutic Development

By integrating AI and ML-based solutions with Aurigene's expertise in chemical design, synthesis, and bioassay assessment, Aurigene.AI aims to expedite the development of novel therapeutics.

The platform's capabilities have been validated by discovery scientists at Aurigene, who demonstrated a 35% reduction in the cycle time from chemical design to synthesis and testing.

Dr Gayathri Ramaswamy, global head, Discovery Services, Aurigene Pharmaceutical Services, underscored the transformative potential of Aurigene.AI in streamlining the drug discovery process.

She said, "The addition of AI and iterative machine learning capabilities to our core expertise in synthesizing and testing molecules will significantly reduce the DMTA cycle time in the discovery process. Aurigene.AI augments our core scientific capabilities in the small molecule discovery space and will serve as an efficient engine towards identifying a drug candidate."

Aurigene.AI represents an advancement in the field of drug discovery, leveraging AI and ML technologies to accelerate the identification and development of novel therapeutics.

With its robust capabilities and strategic integration with Aurigene's core expertise, the platform holds immense promise in driving innovation and efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry.

In a similar development, last year, Sai Life Sciences, a contract research, development, and manufacturing organization, joined forces with Dassault Systèmes, a global leader in 3D design, engineering, and software solutions, to accelerate its drug discovery endeavors.

This partnership aims to harness Dassault Systèmes' state-of-the-art solutions, enhancing productivity, data quality, and collaboration within Sai Life Sciences' Research and Process Development laboratories, ultimately fast-tracking drug discovery efforts.

Recently, researchers at Oxford University unveiled DrugGPT, an innovative AI tool designed to solve pharmaceutical prescription issues.The AI tool offers quick second views on prescribed drugs and comprehensive information to help patients better understand their therapy. This technology acts as a safety net for medical professionals.

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