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AI4Rx Unveils MedBeat HealthConnect Plus App for Efficient Diagnostics

Written by : Aishwarya Sarthe

October 13, 2023

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The MedBeat HealthConnect Plus app is a digital assistant to junior doctors, aiding independent physicians and small clinics in optimising their consultation time effectively.

AI4Rx, an AI-powered healthcare platform, has introduced the MedBeat HealthConnect Plus app, a novel solution for independent medical professionals and institutions. 

The AI-powered application provides precise medical summaries of patients' symptoms and conditions, streamlining the diagnostic process with accurate differential diagnoses.

The app is a digital assistant to junior doctors, aiding independent physicians and small clinics in optimising their consultation time effectively. 

By incorporating an integrated approach, it helps medical practitioners in acquiring and retaining patients through improved decision-making based on precise diagnoses.

Highlighting the prevalent time management challenges, Dr Monika Agarwal, cofounder and chief evangelist at AI4Rx, said, "Today, medical practice is plagued with issues related to time management. For clinics or independent physicians, the pressure of a full OPD with many patients waiting causes massive stress." 

One notable feature of the patient app is its ability to address communication challenges arising from language barriers. The app employs patients' preferred languages, currently available in Hindi and English, to inquire about symptoms. It then generates a medical terminology-based summary for the doctor's perusal, assisting in the clinical examination and formal diagnosis.

According to trials, the MedBeat HealthConnect Plus app significantly reduces consultation time by approximately 14-20%. Moreover, it enhances symptom analysis and accelerates the diagnostic process, achieving an impressive accuracy rate of approximately 95%.

Established in 2019 by Anuj Gupta and Dr Monika Agarwal in New Delhi, AI4Rx provides AI-powered healthcare solutions, targeting improved access to medical care, especially in government hospitals and rural areas. 

In previous advancements, AI4Rx unveiled MedBeat HealthConnect, a user-friendly AI application that gathers precise medical summaries of patients' symptoms and conditions for easier assessment by healthcare professionals. A key objective of this initiative was to improve communication and understanding between patients and their medical caregivers.

In line with ongoing efforts to support the medical community, in July, JB Pharma launched JB NEXT, a knowledge-based mobile app for doctors and post-graduate medical students in India. Additionally, the platform offers educational sessions conducted by practising national and international Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).


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