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Abbott Launches Vascular Imaging Platform with Ultreon 1.0 Software, Integrating AI & OCT Technology

Written by : Jayati Dubey

October 20, 2023

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Unlike traditional angiography, Abbott's OCT technology uses near-infrared light for precise, high-definition imaging within blood vessels, providing insights into complex patient anatomy.

Abbott, a global leader in healthcare, has introduced its vascular imaging platform featuring the Ultreon 1.0 Software in India. This intra-vascular imaging software merges optical coherence tomography (OCT) with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, providing medical professionals with a comprehensive view of blood flow and blockages within coronary arteries.

As per the company, a distinguishing feature of this imaging software is its ability to automatically distinguish between calcified and non-calcified blockages, assess the severity of calcium-based blockages, and measure vessel diameter.

Moreover, it assists physicians in guiding precise stent deployment, ensuring optimal stent expansion and apposition while providing instantaneous results, thereby enhancing precision during coronary stenting procedures.

In contrast to conventional imaging methods such as angiography, Abbott's OCT technology harnesses near-infrared light to offer high-definition, precise imaging from within a blood vessel. This allows medical practitioners to glean information from even the most complex patient anatomy.

The software claims to streamline workflow, facilitating accurate and prompt decision-making, reducing ambiguities and allowing healthcare professionals to concentrate on the most crucial aspect: providing the best care and improving the patient's quality of life.

Recent data reveals that physicians modified their treatment strategy in 88% of coronary artery blockages based on new insights provided by OCT when combined with MLD MAX, a novel workflow that guides stenting decisions and equips physicians with treatment strategies for optimising stent placement.

Dr Ankur Phatarpekar from Symbiosis Speciality Hospital, Mumbai, commended the new software for OCT, saying, "This software provides us with an automated and comprehensive view of the coronary arteries. It certainly facilitates better decision-making while guiding precision stent placement. These types of technologies are instrumental in providing the best care for our patients."

In a market research study commissioned by Abbott titled "Beyond Intervention" in August 2020, healthcare providers acknowledged the critical role of technology in improving patient outcomes throughout the healthcare continuum. The research showed that 83.2% of physicians agreed that advancements in diagnostic and treatment technologies, such as OCT, have translated into tangible improvements in patient care.

Ultreon Software presents technology designed to augment physician decision-making, especially when combined with established tools that provide a thorough physiological assessment of coronary blood flow and blockage severity.

Tushar Sharma, general manager for Abbott's vascular business in India and South Asia, said, "Increased adoption of OCT imaging, when combined with advanced technology like AI, allows cardiologists to have a more precise and measurable way of supporting patients undergoing coronary stent procedures."

This integration of OCT and AI holds promise in advancing the precision and efficacy of cardiovascular treatments, ultimately benefitting patients across India.

In a similar development in the health tech space, in the previous month, Abbott introduced the 'Vertigo Coach' app in India, a digital health solution designed to provide individuals dealing with vertigo a comprehensive resource to manage their condition effectively, 24/7.

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